who we are

We are a fun, full service design agency. If you need design of any kind we can provide it at an expert level. If you need search engine marketing or search engine optimization yeah, we can do that too. But not just like everyone else who does it. We do it with results and if we cannot provide you a positive ROI in the first 30 days of metrics, we will refund your money. BULLSHIT you say? Try us. We gladly and take honor in proving our metrics through past track records, current analytics and all of the charts and graphics you can wrap your head around. But we know the real reason you are here, to make MORE money. A higher return on investment. We will show you actual live case files if you don’t believe us. That is fine too. If you do not believe in us yet, you will when we present your neighboring business partners site.  http://bluclay.com oh wait, you are already on this site. If you weren’t well…that would meany ou haein tit.



You know what you want to say, let us help you say it through a logo and your brand. We work with you the whole way through, there are no surprises or “you get what we give you” your company branding is a process to get to permanence.

website design

Your website is your first “handshake” with potential clients that you haven’t met. We research your target audience, their likes and dislikes, colors, photos, layout and much more to bring their ideal experience with your company.


Logo and Site are done, now it’s time to get found online. We curate every specific keyword and phrase that pertains to your company’s product/service to pinpoint your potential clients and allow them to find you exactly how they want.


  • BluClay is thorough and fully educated on what it takes to bring traffic and create that visibility for their clients. Clay has driven customers to our site that would not have been aware of us without his expertise of SEO and online marketing. His ability to create and manage an online presence is outstanding and we'll worth the investment. Hands down the best experience.

    Geoffrey Faubion
  • I can't say enough about BluClay. They've done consulting for my company and have always given good advice. If you have the chance, check them out!

    Rob Johnston
  • Clay is a web designer who truly cares about what your site looks like! He takes the time needed to get to know YOU and your needs and wants! His attention to detail, which is very important to me, is so fantastic! I highly recommend using him as your next web designer!

    Michelle Marlow


web design

If it is for a brand new company or an established one that is in need of a redesign, we have it covered and work with a wide range of clients and budgets all over the country.

website maintenance

Monthly maintenance that includes updates to your plugins, third party programs, WordPress, monthly backups of your site and general upkeep on security measures to ensure your site will not be hacked.

editorial services

Your content is very important not only to your potential clients but also to the search engines. What your site says and describes whether service or product, we can help write it if you don’t have the time.


Intro logo bumpers for YouTube, animation, product demos, commercials, what you need we can provide. Want to see a few examples in action? Well, all you have to do is ask.

client training

We will train you and your staff on how to manage your website for changes you may want to make, how to publish your blog and also how to run your own SEO campaigns. We pride ourselves in our training.

marketing strategy

If you are looking for a marketing strategy be it online advertising, print, mailers or anything else like door to door we can help you devise a plan, help you execute and measure your return on investment.


We can train you on how to do your own seo marketing or we can take it over for you. If we are to manage your seo campaign we provide monthly reports and proof of your ROI.

responsive design

Every website we design is responsive, meaning it will automatically move images, content, every aspect of your website based on the device it is being viewed on. Mobile, tablet, desktop or any other device your site is viewed on.

graphic design

Whether we create your logo/branding or not we will gladly help in designing your business cards, brochures, or any other online or print design you may need help with.

We believe a product must have a soul to communicate