Website Security Measures – Hire a Pro or DIY

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Decisions decisions right? What to do? How do you make sure that your site is locked up tight and no one will ever be able to hack into the back end and take over? Well there are many ways and I am not really sure you can be 100% about no one EVER being able to hack in. Why they would want to hack into the back end of YOUR website anyway? Just to put up some tiny, corny Viagra ads?

Who knows the REAL reason why they do but just based off of what they actually HAVE done it is some ads, the power of taking it over, mainly to boost the site they are promoting and they do this by inserting a TON of backlinks and other BS to help that site they are promoting and to get rid of it takes an insane amount of time. Sometimes the BEST coders on earth cannot do it but we take on the challenge, mainly because we need to brush up on OUR skills of combing through miles of code just in case something happens to one of our clients however RARE that might be.

Our monthly security program is as tight as a drum. However if we laid it all out for you right here and right now so you can make a decision to either work with us or not work with us we would be risking our program and process. We hope you understand. However if you want to learn more lets chat privately on here or by phone, email, text. Whichever is most convenient for you.

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