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In today’s society with the internet, it is possible to work just about anywhere in the world and with most professions and entrepreneurs you can just do that. A friend of mine met a woman online and decided to travel half way across the world to meet. They fell in love, tried to get her a Visa to come here and were declined because of the strict guidelines so what did he do? Decided to stay. Leave everything behind. Clothes, car, furniture, everything and start his new life in this foreign land with his new love by his side. What is stopping us from doing the same? Nerves? What is it that makes us content with life, not happy to the fullest but just content.

This is a story for the ages and one I want to share with you. Being an entrepreneur is no easy feat. I always talk about how “simple” it is. Find something you love and do that but before you can make income doing that it takes hard work and a lot of it. There is no better push in that direction than going for it and figuring it out along the way. When your family depends on your income you have no choice but to push as hard as you can and fight for what you are worth to achieve the income you desire or deserve. It could take some years to get to this point and a lot of cereal dinners for the kids until then but the payoff is beyond words.

This friend of mine I have the most tremendous respect for and will help and support their new life together in anyway I can. To just see someone decide to drop every material possession they own and sell it off for cheap just to get rid of it is an inspiration to us all. Why not “burn” it all down and rise from the ashes. Nothing in life comes easy and if that is the case why are we settling on being content?

If you love doing something there is always a way to monetize it and support your family. Sure there will be peaks and valley’s but in the end wouldn’t it be worth it to be your own boss? With that comes a great deal of discipline, deciding which is work time and which is play time and in the beginning there will be an excess of the previous but in the end, a whole lot of other time for the latter. So my biggest question to you is, why haven’t you taken the leap yet? Some are born or created with that entrepreneurial spirit and drive, others cannot comprehend the sacrifice.

What do you have to lose? You can’t say your kids livelihood, we have four children when we decided to start this company and have grown year by year but have also learned how to live scrapping by and live life to the fullest reaping the benefits of a large client and with that comes an extraordinary amount of work and dedication to that big project.

Still waiting to make that move? Make it, worry about everything else along the way. Your drive to be wildly successful will put you in the right spot at the right time.

This is Mark,

Mark left everything behind in America and lives abroad happy and relaxed now as an artist and has a whole European community opened up to his art and business now and is with the true love of his life. His soulmate. Would you drop everything to fly across the world to be with yours and start a new life together barely knowing the language? You only have one ride on this Merry-Go-Round of life so take big leaps, have faith and be like Mark.

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