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Clay Pruzinsky


I started this business about 8 years ago because I was laid off. Great story so far right? Well, I was unemployed and had time to think to myself “if I could do anything I wanted, AND make money at it what would it be?” it was an easy answer for me. It was design. I had been infatuated with Logo Design since I was a child. Instead of drawing Batman I was drawing and perfecting the Bat Symbol! So I researched graphic designers and web designers and realized wow, I could do exactly what I love and as long as I am happy doing it the money will follow and it did. Another main reason for me to have the desire to start my own business was my children. When I was in the mortgage industry (13 years) I noticed looking back the long hours and how little time I got to spend with my kids. Starting my own business would be hard work and long hours no doubt but I could CHOOSE when those hours would be which meant I could walk my kids to school and pick them up. No more safekey or busses. So we started up with little money, just drive, determination, will and absolute love and passion for design.

As the business grew we started adding more services. I did not want to add services we were not experienced in or did not hire the right people for but the love for design is a far reaching one and I love designing everything from products to branding and websites to clothing. Here we are 8 years later and offering the most extensive full service design out there. Call me today and let’s have a tea together.

“You can do anything you want in this lifetime, the real question is do you have the drive, determination and self sacrifice to make your dreams reality?”

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